How do we Measure PEMF?


Many of our Competitors provide less than 10 Gauss.
There is little evidence to support the effectiveness of
weak PEMF signals acting deep in the body.

The terms generally used when describing PEMF Intensity are ‘TESLA’ and ‘GAUSS’. 

These terms are related as 10,000 Gauss equals 1 Tesla. The symbols we see on some websites are:

Symbol Definition Comments
T Tesla
mT milli-Tesla One-Thousandth of a Tesla
µT micro-Tesla One-Millionth of a Tesla
n nano-Tesla One Billionth of a Tesla
p pico Tesla One Trillionth of a Tesla
G Gauss 1 Tesla = 10,000G
mG milli-Gauss One-Thousandth of a Gauss
µG micro-Gauss One-Millionth of a Gauss

There are several websites that have a converter to convert from one term to another. The site I usually use is


Question Everything! You may be being mislead!


PEMF Terma can be misleading!

Make sure you understand what’s being said!

As you may already know, that some sellers of PEMF systems, either out of ignorance or an attempt to mislead the reader, some PEMF sites use numerical terms that confuse or obfuscate. I read at one site that the Curaton 3D Full Mattress is only 500 Gauss and our full mattress is 1500 milli-Gauss. This might lead the reader to believe that their mattress is more powerful than the Curatron 2000 3D Mattress. For the record 1500 milli-Gauss is the equivalent of 1.5 Gauss or only 0.3% of the intensity of the 3D Mattress.

Some folks will find this page more useful than others. If you are comfortable with terms like kilo, mega, deci, micro, milli and the like then you may find this page as one that re-states the obvious and you might want to skip to another subject such as Intensity or Frequency

Let’s first look at the term Tesla. MRI Machines typically use electromagnets that generate magnetic flux densities up to and over three Tesla. For the record, that would be 30,000 Gauss. There are no REAL PEMF machines that come close to approaching that intensity. The Curatron 2000 3D Butterfly does generate 1600 Gauss which is 0.16 Tesla.

One of the facts we often encounter is the intensity levels of systems like the BEMER 3000 systems. These systems have an output level of less than 1000 µT and that sounds like a lot if you don’t know that the symbol ‘µ’ is the Greek letter ‘mu’ which is generally used to represent ‘one millionth’

So 1000 µT is actually 1000 millionths of a Tesla or 10 Gauss. The Curatron 2000 XPSE generates 1000 Gauss with its very high energy coil and that’s 100,000 µT or 100 times more than the BEMER 3000.

Some sellers say that high intensity is dangerous. What’s really dangerous are people who say such things and if you believe them, then all the more fool you.  One needs high intensity to get adequate penetration. In the world of physics, the worst enemy of intensity is what is called the ‘inverse square law’ and in simple terms, this simply means that as you double the distance, you quarter the intensity. So if one measures 100 Gauss at 1″ then at 2″ we are now already at 25 Gauss and at 4″ we are down to less than 7 Gauss. The BEMER and many others start at less than 10 Gauss so the energy at arbitrarily 4″ away is perhaps less than 0.1 Gauss.

Research evidence continually and consistently shows that the intensity of a therapeutic magnetic field is important, perhaps more so than any other component. Even the other components of a magnetic field, such as frequency or waveform, rely on the intensity of the PEMF signal at the tissue being stimulated. The field intensity at the target tissue needs to be sufficient to induce a charge in that tissue. The lower the magnetic field intensity, the less charge will be induced in the tissue. So, at deeper levels in the body the field intensities will be very low, requiring a higher initial field intensity to produce adequate results. Field intensities may be equated to whispers (low intensity) or shouts (high intensity). Sometimes a whisper is all that is needed for a generally healthy body or mild problem. Often, the body needs to hear “loud shouting” for the job to be done. This is the wakeup call. The rest of the time, a normal conversational loudness will produce the desired results. There is little evidence to support the effectiveness of weaker “whisper” PEMFs acting deep in the body. If you are lying on an applicator with the goal being whole-body stimulation, then the magnetic field has to be of sufficient intensity to penetrate through to the opposite side of the body. The effects in the body, however, depend on the strength of the generated healing magnetic fields. [01]Pawluk MD MSc, William. Power Tools for Health: How pulsed magnetic fields (PEMFs) help you (Kindle Locations 573-583). FriesenPress. Kindle Edition.



01 Pawluk MD MSc, William. Power Tools for Health: How pulsed magnetic fields (PEMFs) help you (Kindle Locations 573-583). FriesenPress. Kindle Edition.

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