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Intensity is Inversely Proportional to Frequency.

Ringer Technology, Impulse Technology? Hummer, Oscillator, FLASH?

One of my challenges is to try and help people whose background is not in electronics, engineering or physics understand PEMF and the differences between REAL PEMF and Impulse or Ringer PEMF. One of the key differences is the intensity as the frequency or PPS (Pulses Per Second) rise?

REAL PEMF: Output intensity remains constant as frequency changes. (This is a key difference)

Impulse or Ringer: Output intensity FALLS as the PPS rises.

Let’s find out why! Pulsing systems in electronics usually need a charging circuit which is the source of the electrons which we’ll use later to charge a capacitor or bank of capacitors. Think of capacitors as buckets or a place to store electrons for a while and then lastly we need a switch to empty the capacitor bank into the coil or PEMF applicator.

So let’s replace the electrons with water, the capacitor with a bucket and a switch as some mechanism to empty the bucket.

First we need a source of water, in this case, we’ll use a faucet or tap filling a bucket. It takes TIME to fill the bucket in the same way that it takes time to charge a capacitor.

In the case of the capacitor or capacitor bank in Impulse Systems, it usually takes about one second to fill the capacitor bank. So with that in mind. With water, we’ll say it takes a minute to fill the bucket.

ONE PPM (One Pulse Per Minute)

So let’s say we can fill the bucket in one minute. At the end of the one minute, we have a full bucket (charge) and then we can dump it but what happens when we want to dump the bucket at a higher repetition rate?

TWO PPM (Pulses Per Minute)

To operate at two ppm (one pulse every 30 seconds) then the bucket is only half full and we have less energy stored in the bucket. Stop and think about this.


If you want to operate at let’s say 10 pulses per minute then the bucket will only be 10% full after 1/10th of a minute so when we dump that, we will only see a pulse which is 10% of a full bucket.

Intensity is Inversely Proportional to Frequency.

It should be obvious now, what happens as we increase frequency. Intensity is inversely proportional to frequency. That’s double-talk for “As Frequency Rises, Intensity Falls”.

The chart on the right is an example of the Curatron FLASH performance as the rep rate changes. ALL RINGER SYSTEMS BEHAVE THIS WAY. The makers usually only publish their maximum intensity and they don’t talk about the drop in intensity as their pulse repetition rate rises. They suffer the same challenges of the fact that it takes time to fill the bucket.

This is a great example of a source of water (electrons) filling and causing the bucket to tip, much in the same way as a photo-strobe or Impulse system works.


There is more to learn!

Amjo Corp has been working with Curatron systems for nearly two decades. Our first sale of a Curatron PEMF system was in May of 2000. Our experience and knowledge are second to none. Call us and find out!

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