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Bemer 3000 Sales People Mislead their customers?

The Bemer 3000 is a low intensity PEMF system.

There is little evidence to support the effectiveness of weaker “whisper” PEMFs acting deep in the body (Pawluk 2017)

It saddens me when our competitors mislead customers who are seeking advice on PEMF. Recently, an acquaintance contacted Bemer to seek their comments on the Curatron vs the Bemer. I have to admit, I was not surprised by the response. This person who replied to my friend and made the following statements:

An email from Stacy Devore, a Bemer Salesperson:

from: anastasiadevore@gmail.com

PrevaricationThe Curatron uses old PEMF technology and high micro. 1 Gauss is equal to 100 microTesla … 1600 Gauss is equal to 1600 microtesla. They operate between 1,600 and 7,000 Gauss. Wow! More is not better. Bombarding the body with this high-intensity the signal on a regular basis is questionable at best. Here is why … The earth’s magnetic frequency is only between 25 and 65 microTesla, depending on where you reside. The official safety limits for power line fields is 100 microtesla. Would this person live next to power lines that emit such a high frequency?

  • The first error is that 1600 Gauss does not equal 1600 microTesla. In fact 1600 Gauss equals 160,000 microTesla. This intensity level is required for deep penetration for certain conditions. She was correct when she said that 1 Gauss = 100 microTesla.
  • She goes on to say that the Curatron operates between 1,600 and 7,000 Gauss and in fact our systems operate between 15 Gauss (Low settings of the Home Therapy system) and 1,600 Gauss. Our 3D Ultrapower system does create 1,600 Gauss when using its butterfly coil. Our FLASH (Impulse System) does generate intensities higher than 1600 Gauss as do all the ringer or impulse systems made by others, none of which are real pemf systems.
  • She continues, and says “Bombarding the body with this high-intensity signal on a regular basis is questionable at best.” I would add ‘Questionable by who?”
  • Then she confuses frequency and intensity by saying that the earth’s magnetic frequency is 25 to 65 microTesla. (microTesla is a measure or field intensity, not frequency) This is a common error by people with a limited background in Physics and math.
  • The next goof is when the writer jumps to power line emf or noise and says that 100 microTesla is a safety limit. She fails to point out that the Bemer’s output, although very low, also exceeds this so-called safety limit. Regardless, this is not important.
  • BTW: Power lines emit 60 Hz here in the USA and that’s a frequency, not an intensity.


Dr. Pawluk in his new book says the following about intensity.

“Research evidence continually and consistently shows that the intensity of a therapeutic magnetic field is important, perhaps more so than any other component. Even the other components of a magnetic field, such as frequency or waveform, rely on the intensity of the PEMF signal at the tissue being stimulated. The field intensity at the target tissue needs to be sufficient to induce a charge in that tissue. The lower the magnetic field intensity, the less charge will be induced in the tissue. So, at deeper levels in the body, the field intensities will be very low, requiring a higher initial field intensity to produce adequate results. Field intensities may be equated to whispers (low intensity) or shouts (high intensity). Sometimes a whisper is all that is needed for a generally healthy body or mild problem. Often, the body needs to hear “loud shouting” for the job to be done. This is the wakeup call. The rest of the time, a normal conversational loudness will produce the desired results. There is little evidence to support the effectiveness of weaker “whisper” PEMFs acting deep in the body. If you are lying on an applicator with the goal being whole-body stimulation, then the magnetic field has to be of sufficient intensity to penetrate through to the opposite side of the body. The effects in the body, however, depend on the strength of the generated healing magnetic fields.”


There is more to learn!

Amjo Corp has been working with Curatron systems for nearly two decades. Our first sale of a Curatron PEMF system was in May of 2000. Our experience and knowledge are second to none. Call us and find out!

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